Chemobrain vs. smog in LA

A reader writes…
I am always bemused when the medical establishment finally catches up with what everyone has been saying for a long time.  All you have to do to know about chemobrain is go on chemo. I met countless other women on planes, buses, etc. while I was on chemo, who all experienced it.
Somehow we could instantly sense each other. It usually took about 15 seconds after saying hello to a total stranger to find myself deeply immersed in a conversation about how chemo was making it hard to think.  But it is good that now the doctors will believe us.   And it is good to live in L.A. and So. Cal. where everyone is a bit scattered. I have no idea by now what is chemobrain, what is information overload, what is smog, and what is being post menopausal.
Margie W.

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